Sound Tools for the New Era


Audio-Visual Synthesizer

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Sonicrama allows you to break the mold imposed by conventional musical scales, create new scales or use Arabic, Chinese, eighteenth-century or mathematically generated scales from the app itself.

You can tune every single key to your liking by mixing up to 4 frequencies per key, with the possibility of creating sounds capable of triggering brainwave entrainment phenomena (synchronization of brain waves).

Explore the correlation between sound and geometry by creating geometric shapes from sound frequencies.


Modulator effect,
combines up to 16 wavetable LFOs

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MultiLFO is an audio effect that combines up to 16 wavetables to modulate different aspects of your audio (pan, volume, cutoff).

By creating interpolations between one waveform and the next, MultiLFO allows you to create smooth transitions within a wavetable. You can adjust the phase start point, sync BPM with your DAW, import/export presets in batches, customize the app's look, and more.

Sound (and consequently music) is the most commonly known vibratory aspect of reality.
Over the millennia, expertly shaped and conveyed by musicians, shamans and healers, sound is today rediscovered by neuroscience as a tool capable of influencing brain waves and inducing specific mental states, and by physics, which is investigating its anti-gravitational properties. Sound is showing its enormous potential, which goes beyond simple musical entertainment.
Come sarà la musica del futuro? In che modo sarà arricchita da queste nuove scoperte e ri-scoperte? ConsciousSound nasce da queste domande e vuole essere uno strumento utile nel colmare il divario tra antiche conoscenze e moderne applicazioni.

ConsciousSound offers audio software that allows musicians and researchers to explore the potential of sound as an investigative tool, transcending musical and cultural boundaries, breaking compositional patterns and manipulating sounds in new ways.


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