Sound Tools for the New Era

Conscious Sound



Audio-Visual Synthesizer

Sonicrama allows you to:

  • Explore the geometry of sound and visualize harmonic relationships
  • Integrate brainwave entrainment effects into your musical scales.
  • Customize the frequencies and any other parameters of each individual note.
  • Create, edit, import and export microtonal scales. scale microtonali.

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Modulator effect,
combina fino a 16 wavetable LFOs

  • Interpolation between one waveform and the next.
  • Phase rotation (choose the start point of the wave).
  • Sync BPM with host or enter Hertz.
  • Regular, Triplet, Dotted tempo.
  • Use the output to modulate:
    • Volume
    • Filter
    • Pan
  • Dry/wet on each oscillator and on the final output.
  • You can batch import/export presets.

  • You can customize the appearance of the app by changing the color scheme (“skins”)

Suggested price: 2,00 


Desktop + Mobile
Generatore audio
Sincronizzazione delle onde cerebrali

MindEntrainer is an app for Android, Windows and Mac OSX with which you can create sound patterns for brain wave synchronization.

Three types of modules available:
    • Tone Generator
    • Noise Generator
    • Audio Player

In the desktop version and in the PRO version for mobile it is possible to manage and create preset files, import and export these files individually or in groups. This feature is particularly useful as it allows you to create your own presets on the desktop app and then transfer them to the mobile app.

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